One-touch turn signals

Have you ever heard of this feature? A lot of new cars have this feature where you just tap the turn signal lever and it flashes the turn signal a few times. I don’t understand what it is trying to accomplish. Three blinks isn’t enough for a lane change. It isn’t going to make people start using their turn signal more. This feature has been on BMWs for years, and yet not a single BMW has been seen in the wild with turn signals on. It annoys people who do use their turn signals because if you hit it again to cancel it and it goes too far over then it flashes the other side. Is this just some “this is a kinda cool but serves no real purpose” feature that the engineers talked about in the break room of an automaker? And now there are aftermarket modules to add this “safety” feature to your broken-down hooptie. Yes, now you can be the only person with a Chevy Nova with somewhat functional turn signals. Congratulations on raising the resell value of your car 25 cents.

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