Texas Turnarounds

I’ve mentioned before that Texas has these unique U-turn lanes for the frontage roads. This special U-turn lane is usually found going under the highway at an intersection with a frontage road. Apparently these are called a “Texas U-turn” or a “Texas Turnaround.” Here is an image I borrowed from Wikipedia that demonstrates the idea:

Texas Turnaround

Use a Texas Turnaround to get to zee choppah!

When I first visited Texas I thought it was really clever that you don’t need to make two lefts to get to the other side of the highway. After living here for a while I realize it’s sometimes not much more convenient than two left turns. The lane for the entrance to the turnaround is a short lane that only opens up close to the intersection. In other words, a through lane normally does not turn into a Texas Turnaround. It gets annoying as people pile up in the normal left turn lane and block the entrance into the turnaround. There’s nothing you can do about it but to sit and silently rage. *sigh*


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