SUVs make good barn doors

Terrible parking spot

The parking situation at work is terrible. The lines for the parking spaces are so faded that you’d need a UV spectrometer to find the parking spaces. Coupled with no assigned parking spaces, the parking situation is a free-for-all. The only way to know that there are parking spaces are the cement blocks for the parking stall. The cement blocks are just as wide as a car, but not much wider. Since the blocks are the only metric for figuring out where to park, it just becomes a parking lot full of terrible parking.

Lately there has been a Ford Exploder parked at the end of the line of spaces in front of the building. It is a terrible parking spot for an SUV because traffic is coming up the aisle to make a 90 degree turn at the point where the SUV is parked. Since traffic is two-way in the lot, if I’m coming up to make a right turn into the aisle, I cannot see around this SUV. One time I was rushing back to work after lunch and I came up to make a turn into the parking aisle and this minivan was coming up the aisle at the same time. We could not see each other and I ended up slamming my brakes and locking all four wheels into a skid due to the loose asphalt. I came to a stop within inches of hitting this van.

SUVs should have their own parking area like compact cars so not to annoy regular car drivers. As if it’s not enough they block the view when backing out of a parking spot, but also when navigating around the parking lot. Banish the SUVs to the dark side of the lot!


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