You make a left turn in front of me?!

Diagram of where I was

Terrible intersection design. Even worse drivers.

I had to go drop off a package at FedEx today and some idiot decides to make a left turn in front of me. I had to merge into the left turn lane quickly since it is rather short. I came close to cutting off a police car, but I signaled and had enough distance where it wouldn’t be offensive. Finally the left turn signal turned green and cars were making their left turn. I was entering the intersection and was aiming for the right-most lane when some asswipe in an Exploder rushes up the middle lane and turns left in front of me! I laid on my horn to remind him he’s a retard. The cop that was behind me didn’t even bother getting involved. Dammit, driving is not that hard if you just put down the cell phone and use your brain. I swear, I’m getting more use out of my horn here than I ever did back home.

It is getting frustrating as I encounter the same situation every morning this week on my way to work (except I’m not making a left, I’m just mentally shouting about how stupid they are). People think the middle lane is also a turn lane, but it’s a thru lane! You’re not allowed to make a left from that lane! If you overshoot the damn intersection by the time you realize you should have turned left, don’t break convention by doing what you think is a miracle move. Go down the road and turn around like a rational person or at least attempt to get into the turn lane instead of just blind-siding someone!


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