Don’t stop in a yield lane!

Don't stop believin

Don't stop... oh sheeeetttttt

On my way home from work there is a right-hand turn where the right lane becomes a dedicated turn/yield lane onto the cross-street where it becomes the right-hand lane of the cross-street and merging is not allowed until farther down as indicated by a solid white lane. There is a tall Jersey barrier on the right-hand side and it sits on an incline so it’s a essentially a blind curve which is probably why it was designed this way.

Well, I normally take this corner at 30 MPH without stopping. On this particular day I was zooming up like usual and right as I entered the curve I saw someone STOPPED at the exit of the curve trying to merge left. I hopped on my brakes and with the squeal of my tires I stopped within INCHES of giving this guy a surprise colonoscopy. What the fk?! You aren’t suppose to stop there, especially since it’s a blind curve! As soon as you got through the turn, it is fkn obvious that the merging is not legal until farther down the road so you don’t need to stop and wait! Pay attention next time moron! He’s lucky that I was paying attention.


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