On the road again

How quaint.

How quaint.

Just recently read an article about Buc-ee’s in May/June 2013’s Texas Journey and just had a laugh about the image they used to headline the article. What was humorous about it is that unless they were depicting a scene from the early ’90s, the family in the photo clearly look like they’re from Austin. It’s not just the way they’re dressed and presented, but it’s the old Volvo that pinpoints it. The photographer could have used a family dressed in western clothes with a huge pick-up truck (to satisfy the Texas stereotype) or a family dressed in nice casual clothes and a newer car (which would satisfy the magazine stereotype), but they picked plaid/striped shirts and jeans (with folded-up cuffs) and an old Volvo (which satisfies the Austin stereotype). I thought the photo was more entertaining than the article!


2 responses to “On the road again

  • jolieln

    This is actually my best friend and her family, one of the coolest I know. I wish you hadn’t made quite so much fun of someone you’ve never met..there are little kids in this who were quite proud to have been picked for a photo. I’m sure you didn’t mean to hurt feelings, but you did. This world isn’t as anonymous as we think it is when we choose a “random” person to talk down about. They are a real family, with wonderful kids, a keen sense of style and feelings. They had no control over the ad. They were just chosen because they’re pretty amazingly awesome people.

    • alext9586

      Welcome to the internet. Maybe I’m not very eloquent with words, but I didn’t really say anything bad about the ad. I enjoyed the image presentation because it mirrors my lifestyle and observation of Austin. I also own an old Volvo and wear similar style clothing.

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