Lost my car key

The Swedish Crown!

The Swedish Crown!

A couple weeks ago I bought a 1992 Volvo 940 from a friend. After I finally got the car registered last week, I promptly lost the one and only key for the car. It would have been a bigger deal if this was my one and only mode of transportation, but since it was a beater project car I had time to think. After doing some research, I learned that the Volvo dealership can look up the code to make a key if proper documentation was provided. I would have to bring in the title or registration to prove that I owned the vehicle, and they would look up the key code by the VIN.

Well, I was told they didn’t have a key blank for a car that old, but they did give me a sheet with the key code, radio code, and other bits of information for free. Now to find a place to cut the key. The first locksmith I called said that she didn’t make car keys, but provided numbers for a couple other locksmiths that could. The second locksmith told me it would be $65 just to meet me since he’s mobile and it would be considered a service call. I didn’t bother with the other recommendations since they are too far from me.

So I ended up randomly called a key shop I found on Yelp. The woman on the phone said sure they could cut a pair of keys for me from the key code. Bingo! I’m on my way there! I’m sure it’s a rarity for them to cut a key from a code since they had to dig up the proper template and figure out how to set the machine to do it, but I got a couple keys mode for a modest price. I guess I lucked out since that experience wasn’t as frustrating as I thought. I’m also thankful it didn’t cost me beaucoup bucks for a set of keys! The internet is great when you have a goal in mind.


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