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Google’s logo for the 2014 Winter Olympics

Google's doodle and Fiat's old logo

Google’s doodle and Fiat’s old logo

Is it weird that the first thing I saw from Google’s 2014 Winter Olympics logo was that it looked like the old Fiat logo? I don’t think it’s a coincidence. The winter olympics is being held in Sochi, which is in Russia. One of the most famous cars to come from Russia is the Lada. Ladas were a cheap, small car built to last in the harsh Russian weather and landscape. The funny thing about the Lada was it was really a rebadged Fiat 124. The world has come a full circle.


On the road again

How quaint.

How quaint.

Just recently read an article about Buc-ee’s in May/June 2013’s Texas Journey and just had a laugh about the image they used to headline the article. What was humorous about it is that unless they were depicting a scene from the early ’90s, the family in the photo clearly look like they’re from Austin. It’s not just the way they’re dressed and presented, but it’s the old Volvo that pinpoints it. The photographer could have used a family dressed in western clothes with a huge pick-up truck (to satisfy the Texas stereotype) or a family dressed in nice casual clothes and a newer car (which would satisfy the magazine stereotype), but they picked plaid/striped shirts and jeans (with folded-up cuffs) and an old Volvo (which satisfies the Austin stereotype). I thought the photo was more entertaining than the article!


Sunday drive

Sunday drive

There’s nothing more satisfying than a perfectly timed, rev-matched down-shift. That feeling of approaching the top of the hill with a stale green light not knowing when it’ll change to yellow just gets the adrenaline pumping. Once you’ve past the point of no return and know you can make it before the light changes, your heart bursts with emotion for the next trick. Clutch in… downshift… tap gas… clutch out… and BAM it’s perfect. Accelerate through the left turn and upshift out of the intersection. The smile shows itself as the others wish they could be as awesome as you.

Crown Vic vs Impala

There is nothing more fun than ganging up on a FWD Chevy with two classic police cruisers. I am too obsessed with making videos of Driver: San Francisco because this game is so damn fun for car film aficionados.

Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs

Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs

Blocking up the scenery, breaking up my mind

Do this don’t do that can’t you read the sign?

Drive Recklessly

Driving 5 MPH slower makes you a moron.

Sleeper Volvo

I came across an interesting Volvo while I was in California this weekend. I was driving in the left lane of I80 outside of Sacramento keeping up with traffic. I note in my rear-view mirror a faded blue Volvo 240 station wagon. It must have been a late ’70s model from the round four-eyes and yellowed highbeams and original blue California plates. It was very unassuming, but I thought it seemed odd that it was not only keeping up with traffic, but also closing the gap between us. He stays behind me for a little while until I pulled over to the middle lane. The Volvo blew past me like nothing! I caught a glimpse of it and saw the Corvette brake calipers sitting behind some thin-spoked, black aftermarket wheels. As son as he got past I could see the new shiny exhaust peeking out under the rear bumper. Thats when I realized this Volvo had to have had a V8 swapped into it. Very nice Mr. Volvo driver.