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Standing at the gate

This weekend is the busiest travel weekend of the year because of Thanksgiving. I flew home and back and had a wonderful time. I flew Southwest for the first time in about a year and after flying other airlines I realized why they have a boarding group and positioning number. Southwest does not have assigned seating so it never made sense to me why there was an order to board. Other airlines do have seating assignments, but it is a mess at the gate when they allow all people to board at once. Southwest has numbered poles by the gate to allow people to line up according to their boarding number to keep the gate area clear. I never realized how nice and clean this system was until today. It keeps people from standing in front of the gate during the boarding and deboarding process as well as moderates the flow of people into the plane. Kudos, Southwest, kudos.

Canadair CRJ700

While this post is not car-related, it is travel-related. I had the “pleasure” of flying Delta last weekend. The service was satisfactory, and I had no complaints other than the aircraft used. I normally fly Southwest (because they’re usually cheaper, just not this time) and they use Boeing 737s, which are roomy enough even with my bag under the seat in front of me. Delta used Canadair CRJ700s, which is a smaller jet and boy was it small! It was a flying cattle car with vinyl seats. I’m not a fat person at 5’11” and 160 pounds, but I could not believe how narrow the seats were! There were two seats per side of the airplane with a just as tiny aisle. I imagine that elbow-banging scene from “The Wedding Singer” if I sat in the aisle seat. I probably had two inches of wiggle room between me and the seat’s armrest. The overhead bins were laughably small as well. It was only large enough to carry a standard sized watermelon per person. Everyone who had carry-on luggage that met Delta’s carry-on size requirement (no bigger than 22″ x 14″ x 9″) had to have their bags checked. That is ridiculous! My bag was just a small duffel bag and I had a hard time cramming that sucker into the overhead bin (because it was larger than a standard sized watermelon). To make things worse, I had to keep my bag under the seat in front of me. This intruded into my leg room so I had to keep my legs in the same position for three hours. To make it worse, the tiny seat and the curve of the plane’s cabin did not allow me to spread my legs which just infuriated me. The only time I wasn’t angry about my entire flight was the connection in an Airbus A320 (equivalent to the Boeing 737). Too bad that only lasted about an hour. Next time if I know I’m flying in a CRJ700, I’ll pack my clothes in a watermelon.

We salute you, Mr. Saturn wagon driver!

1995 Saturn SW1

1995 Saturn: The ultimate off-roader.

We Present Real Men of Genius
(Real Men of Genius)

Today we salute you, Mr. Saturn wagon driver
(Mr. Saturn wagon driver)

Anyone can get stuck in rush hour, but only a man with a POS Saturn can make his own travel lane in the grassy median.
(Waiting’s for wussies)

Cadillac Escalades and Ford Exploders have nothing on the off-road prowess of a Saturn station wagon.
(You’re not a wannabe soccer dad)

How high can you fly over that embankment? More than enough to let Yao Ming stand comfortably and make a free throw.
(That’s pretty high)

So crack open an ice cold one, oh daredevil of the automobile, because making a Saturn wagon embarrass SUVs and forging your own path is a respectful in my book.
(Mr. Saturn wagon driver)