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Google’s logo for the 2014 Winter Olympics

Google's doodle and Fiat's old logo

Google’s doodle and Fiat’s old logo

Is it weird that the first thing I saw from Google’s 2014 Winter Olympics logo was that it looked like the old Fiat logo? I don’t think it’s a coincidence. The winter olympics is being held in Sochi, which is in Russia. One of the most famous cars to come from Russia is the Lada. Ladas were a cheap, small car built to last in the harsh Russian weather and landscape. The funny thing about the Lada was it was really a rebadged Fiat 124. The world has come a full circle.

The Volvo You Know

Volvo’s new ad campaign for the S60 features a comparison with the classic 240 as shown in the clips below.

I like the ad, but the S60 just doesn’t compare to the 240. The 240 is a classic because it’s a simple, stoic sedan. The S60 is a sexy-looking computer on wheels. The two cars are on opposite sides of the spectrum which appeals to two different types of people. The ones that are attracted to the 240 aren’t going to be cross shopping with the S60 and vice versa because there are different ideals with the two demographics. The 240 has an audience that values modestly-priced solid transportation while the S60 has an audience that values safety at any cost. The S60 isn’t a terrible car, but I find that Volvo has priced themselves out of the market they should be aiming for. The 240 must be the best car Volvo ever built if they’re using it as the benchmark to compare their latest offerings. Volvo needs to bring to market a car that has the same philosophy the 240 had: modestly priced, solidly built, and angular aesthetics. They don’t need to bring back the 240 as it has never left in the first place.

Paralysis from Analysis

Sometimes you need to just go on autopilot and not think about things. I first heard the phrase “Paralysis from Analysis” in college. I was taking a physical education class and the instructor was telling us that sports stars are usually on autopilot when they’re playing because if they stopped to think about what they’re doing they’ll probably fail from overthinking their move. It’s a good phrase and it applies to everything. The other day I was driving in traffic and was thinking to myself, “I haven’t stalled out in a while. Congratulations!” Then I let out the clutch without pressing the gas and stalled it. Great job. This is why I should stop thinking so hard.

Scumbag Brain Strikes Again

That moment when you lapse judgement.

That moment when you lapse judgement.

Normal routine approaching a stop sign: brake smoothly in gear, punch clutch, pop shifter into neutral. When switching to an automatic, I end up punching the clutch before moving my arm. If the brake pedal is wide enough (on most American cars), I end up punching the brake pedal with my left foot and the car comes to a sudden stop. FML.

What wheels?

Drug dealer wheels? This is a selling point?

Drug dealer wheels? This is a selling point?

You can’t make this stuff up! A dealer in Virginia is advertising this 2012 Jetta on eBay with “drug dealer wheels”. I’m pretty sure those are stock wheels. The wheels aren’t unattractive, but it’s funny that the seller considers them “drug dealer wheels”.

These are stock wheels.

These are stock wheels.

Crown Vic vs Impala

There is nothing more fun than ganging up on a FWD Chevy with two classic police cruisers. I am too obsessed with making videos of Driver: San Francisco because this game is so damn fun for car film aficionados.

Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs

Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs

Blocking up the scenery, breaking up my mind

Do this don’t do that can’t you read the sign?

Rental Car Hates the French

It’s because it’s a Chrysler product. Not the best engineering or quality control in the world.

Delta makes its plane bigger

Delta Mini


Remember last Friday when I complained about Delta’s planes being tiny? They listened and made the planes bigger and safer. 😛

Source: http://cars.failblog.org/2011/06/17/funny-car-photos-probably-safer-than-the-real-thing/

Lincoln: The forefront of technology

What has Lincoln been making lately? Is the brand still relevant anymore? It seems like they have just taken over Mercury’s position in the Ford stable with dressed up Fords. Cadillac and Buick has changed their image and it’s hard to tell that they’re platform sharing.  With Lincoln, you can tell a MKZ is a Fusion and the MKS is a Taurus and and the MKX is an Edge and the Navigator is an Expedition. I actually had to look up if Lincoln offered anything other than a substantially more expensive Ford. Yeah, they do: the Town Car. You might be thinking “That’s a dressed up Crown Vic/Grand Marquis!” Well, they don’t sell a brand new Crown Vic or Grand Marquis anymore so now it’s the exception. The following picture on their website has me cracking up:

Lincoln Town Car console

Ok, let me enter that appointment in my PDA and I'll call you on my cordless phone.

Do I spy a PDA, cordless phone, and a passport? In 2011? They sure know their demographic! Sure this is new technology to geriatrics, but to the rest of us, welcome to 1998. And who carries their passport with them? Like I suddenly want to go to Canada on a whim. Oh wait, seniors need their cheap Canadian meds. My bad! The Lincoln Town Car: perfect drug runner. Hell, that should be the plot of Smokey and the Bandit 4. Big and little Enos hire Bandit and Snowman to run to Canada and bring back a truck full of paracetamol all while Frog rides shotgun and Smokey and Junior play comic relief. There won’t be a Trans Am, but a murdered-out, supercharged Town Car instead. Brilliant!