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Ze goggles, zey do nothing!

I’m pretty sure that Toyota’s master plan is to destroy all humans, and it begins with the Camry. Toyota has managed to brainwash the masses into thinking Camrys, Corollas, and Prii are the holy grail of cars. None of the aforementioned cars are even fun. The cars don’t handle very well nor are they the fastest in their class nor are they attractive. They just exist as four-wheeled conveyances. Toyota has managed to make the most boring vehicles desirable.

Now brainwashing the masses is one thing, but actually acting on destruction is another. How do I know they’re planning to destroy modern civilization? First of all, the cars are killing its occupants due to unintended acceleration. Second, take a look at the taillights on a new Camry. The Camry uses LED taillights. While it isn’t the first or last car to use LED taillights, it is different. By different I mean the light is so concentrated in the LED that I feel that my retinas are burning every time I’m stopped behind one.

Look at Cadillac and Audi. Both use LED taillights, but the lighting is much more diffused. Look at the Camry. Holy sheet, my eyes! I’m blinded by the light! I’ve dubbed thee “Terminator eyes”. I seriously believe that the T-900 uses the LEDs from a Camry for its eyes. I’m all for catching the attention of inattentive drivers, but burning their eyes out is not the solution! So there must be some sort of underlying evil plan going on here. Maybe it’s a component in their future laser death ray. I don’t know, but the evil plan must be brought to an end!