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We salute you, Mr. Saturn wagon driver!

1995 Saturn SW1

1995 Saturn: The ultimate off-roader.

We Present Real Men of Genius
(Real Men of Genius)

Today we salute you, Mr. Saturn wagon driver
(Mr. Saturn wagon driver)

Anyone can get stuck in rush hour, but only a man with a POS Saturn can make his own travel lane in the grassy median.
(Waiting’s for wussies)

Cadillac Escalades and Ford Exploders have nothing on the off-road prowess of a Saturn station wagon.
(You’re not a wannabe soccer dad)

How high can you fly over that embankment? More than enough to let Yao Ming stand comfortably and make a free throw.
(That’s pretty high)

So crack open an ice cold one, oh daredevil of the automobile, because making a Saturn wagon embarrass SUVs and forging your own path is a respectful in my book.
(Mr. Saturn wagon driver)