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Crown Vic vs Impala

There is nothing more fun than ganging up on a FWD Chevy with two classic police cruisers. I am too obsessed with making videos of Driver: San Francisco because this game is so damn fun for car film aficionados.

Speed Carefully

This weekend, I drove to Dallas and I saw the police fishing for speeders where I-35 splits (looks like they caught a few, too). This reminds me of how careful one has to be if one chooses to speed. I’m not condoning speeding, but be careful if you do and remember these tips.

  • Find yourself a blocker. This person should be already speeding. If you can’t find one immediately, just do the speed limit and one will appear.
  • If the blocker is moving as fast as you’d like, give him a 10-15 car length lead. This will allow you to be warned if there are any speed traps ahead because he will either slow down or get caught first.
  • Try an avoid being stuck in a cluster of car because not only does it not give you an escape route, but you could be randomly picked for a speeding ticket.
  • Stay alert! You’re not in the clear even with a blocker. Keep an eye out for any vehicles parked on the side of the highway or any place that can hide a vehicle.
  • If you see a police car or motorcycle cop, lift you foot off the gas. The car will naturally loose speed without the tell-tale sign of nosedive associated with braking. It also helps to know your vehicle and know how fast it can slow down naturally.
  • Keep an eye on your mirrors. Sometimes the police will sneak up on you and pace you (match your speed). This is how they catch speeders without radar.

Again, I’m not condoning speeding, but be alert about it. It’s a gamble and the prize is not getting a speeding ticket. Also by being alert and paying attention you’ll be able to react quicker than the other drivers if something does happen. Be responsible out there!

You make a left turn in front of me?!

Diagram of where I was

Terrible intersection design. Even worse drivers.

I had to go drop off a package at FedEx today and some idiot decides to make a left turn in front of me. I had to merge into the left turn lane quickly since it is rather short. I came close to cutting off a police car, but I signaled and had enough distance where it wouldn’t be offensive. Finally the left turn signal turned green and cars were making their left turn. I was entering the intersection and was aiming for the right-most lane when some asswipe in an Exploder rushes up the middle lane and turns left in front of me! I laid on my horn to remind him he’s a retard. The cop that was behind me didn’t even bother getting involved. Dammit, driving is not that hard if you just put down the cell phone and use your brain. I swear, I’m getting more use out of my horn here than I ever did back home.

It is getting frustrating as I encounter the same situation every morning this week on my way to work (except I’m not making a left, I’m just mentally shouting about how stupid they are). People think the middle lane is also a turn lane, but it’s a thru lane! You’re not allowed to make a left from that lane! If you overshoot the damn intersection by the time you realize you should have turned left, don’t break convention by doing what you think is a miracle move. Go down the road and turn around like a rational person or at least attempt to get into the turn lane instead of just blind-siding someone!

Get in the slow lane!

Language warning: this guy’s commentary is highly annoying. 😛 Oh man, someone needs to buy that cop a donut and coffee. He’s winning.