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Wednesday nights are gonna suck for traffic

I hope y’all aren’t going to try and cross the river or try to get downtown on Wednesday evenings this summer because if you are plan to take about 45 minutes to accomplish this goal. The Long Center has free events (Sound and Cinema/Blues on the Green) on Wednesday night between June 5 and August 21, 2013. I was heading down to South Congress last week and MoPac, Lamar, and Cesar Chavez were a sea of red. There were thousands of people descending to the Long Center. It was an amazing sight.

Going south in the evening isn’t just the only thing. At night they’re doing construction on MoPac for the upcoming expansion and they’ve got lanes closures. Very fun when EVERYONE is leaving the Long Center. Couple the lane closures with everyone’s inability to merge and we might as well be driving bumper cars. There needs to be better public transportation to alleviate the traffic.