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Pay attention!

Coming up to a stop at an intersection, I want to make a right-hand turn. There is a yield lane, but it is being blocked by an old-timer in a Volvo. After waiting for a while I see the Altima in front of the Volvo take the yield turn lane and proceed. This clears up an area where the Volvo could creep into and I could sneak into the right-hand yield lane. But now, the Volvo driver is clearly distracted by the wonders of NPR to even consider being nice to his fellow drivers. If only I could preempt that broadcast and say “The large automobile fore of your conveyance has vacated the premises and the automobile operator aft of you wishes to proceed with completing a right-hand turn. Please move forward.” Of course, in the heat of the moment it would probably sound more like GTFO.


Booo guardrails



Dear TxDot:

Why did you install guardrails on the highway in front of my place of employment? There is no hazard such as a ditch to drive into. There is also plenty of space to slow down before hitting a tree. The guardrail also meets with the painted median on the road eliminating any space to pull over in case of an emergency. It is also at the same height as my window so I can’t fkn see traffic when pulling out into the roadway. I do not feel the need to edge so close to traffic just to see if I can safely pull out. Seriously, who plans and approves this sheet? Do they not bother driving down the road to see what’s happening before doing something stupid like this? What a fkn waste of resources and tax dollars.


A concerned driver.

Right-hand turn lanes

The difference in RH medians and turn lanes. Both examples have 55 MPH speed limits.

One thing I’ve noticed is a lack of auxiliary right-hand turn lanes around here. It seems like the right through lane just becomes a mandatory RH turn lane or you take your chances of getting rear-ended turning right. This wouldn’t be such a big deal if there were also a breakdown lane between the RH through lane and the curb. It seems like they only make the road wide enough for all travel lanes so the edge of the asphalt ends a few inches past the white line. I’m still slowly adjusting to it as I’m used to having a few feet of asphalt between the travel lane and the curb. I keep thinking “I’m driving where cars park!” when I’m driving so close to the sidewalk. It’s also troublesome to make a RH turn when I’m on a 55 MPH “highway” (which used to not have stops before the area became populated and traffic lights were installed instead of lowering the speed limit). Sometimes I really wonder when I’ll be rear-ended by an inattentive driver. I usually end up squealing my tires taking a sharp 90 degree turn while slowing down from 55 and hoping I don’t plow into something from the understeer.