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Braker and MoPac

On my latest excursion around Austin I’ve come across another misleading sign. Exiting northbound MoPac to eastbound Braker you see the following sign indicating that the right-most two lanes will put you on Braker Lane.

Braker Lane, right-most two lanes.

Braker Lane, right-most two lanes.

As soon as you get to the intersection though, you get no warning that only the left-most and right-most lane puts you on Braker. The second middle two lanes makes you go straight!

Wait, it's only the right-most lane!

Wait, it’s only the right-most lane!

Rage time!



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Booo guardrails



Dear TxDot:

Why did you install guardrails on the highway in front of my place of employment? There is no hazard such as a ditch to drive into. There is also plenty of space to slow down before hitting a tree. The guardrail also meets with the painted median on the road eliminating any space to pull over in case of an emergency. It is also at the same height as my window so I can’t fkn see traffic when pulling out into the roadway. I do not feel the need to edge so close to traffic just to see if I can safely pull out. Seriously, who plans and approves this sheet? Do they not bother driving down the road to see what’s happening before doing something stupid like this? What a fkn waste of resources and tax dollars.


A concerned driver.

Problem entering highway?