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Booo guardrails



Dear TxDot:

Why did you install guardrails on the highway in front of my place of employment? There is no hazard such as a ditch to drive into. There is also plenty of space to slow down before hitting a tree. The guardrail also meets with the painted median on the road eliminating any space to pull over in case of an emergency. It is also at the same height as my window so I can’t fkn see traffic when pulling out into the roadway. I do not feel the need to edge so close to traffic just to see if I can safely pull out. Seriously, who plans and approves this sheet? Do they not bother driving down the road to see what’s happening before doing something stupid like this? What a fkn waste of resources and tax dollars.


A concerned driver.

Left-lane blockers

Left-lane blocker

SUVs make good barn doors, but crappy windows.

From the files of people who misjudge the size of their vehicles: the left-lane blocker. You know who they are. They’re the ones that block your view of traffic coming from the left when you’re trying to make a right-hand turn. And 9 times out of 10, the left-lane blocker is a truck or SUV. It’s almost never a sensible sedan. I don’t understand why they need to edge out past the stop line as they certainly have the best view of the traffic coming from the left and the right. What’s even more annoying is the ones that edge up as you are edging up! It becomes this arms race of who can edge out into the intersection before being hit! You’re edging up because you can’t see around the Canyonero, but why are they edging up? They have absolutely no reason to! I’d like to slap them in the face for such an idiotic, selfish move.

Misjudging the size of your car

Your car isn't that big!

Your car isn't that big!

Observing people parking in the parking lot I’ve noticed that people that drive compact cars constantly misjudge how big their cars are. I see these cars with maybe two feet of space in front of the car and the front of the parking stall. Or while in traffic, they leave a car-sized gap between the front of the car and the vehicle in front. Or they need to make a wide right turn because they think the car isn’t going to make such a sharp turn. Come on people, learn how close you can get with your car! My massive full-size can get into some pretty tight spaces even though it looks like a whale on wheels. It’s because of the perspective while sitting in the driver’s seat. Get over that and you can get closer in to the vehicle in front and stop blocking the turn lane entrance.