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Sleeper Volvo

I came across an interesting Volvo while I was in California this weekend. I was driving in the left lane of I80 outside of Sacramento keeping up with traffic. I note in my rear-view mirror a faded blue Volvo 240 station wagon. It must have been a late ’70s model from the round four-eyes and yellowed highbeams and original blue California plates. It was very unassuming, but I thought it seemed odd that it was not only keeping up with traffic, but also closing the gap between us. He stays behind me for a little while until I pulled over to the middle lane. The Volvo blew past me like nothing! I caught a glimpse of it and saw the Corvette brake calipers sitting behind some thin-spoked, black aftermarket wheels. As son as he got past I could see the new shiny exhaust peeking out under the rear bumper. Thats when I realized this Volvo had to have had a V8 swapped into it. Very nice Mr. Volvo driver.